Thursday, August 16, 2007

Roads? Where we're going we don't need Roads

One last Back to The Future post and I'll let it go... promise. Just as The BTTF ride is about to go dark things seem a little brighter for the Delorean. It seems that partly due to the films the car has gained a small but loyal following. How loyal? Loyal enough to make a Texas company mull building new ones. Click on the Title to read the story. Sounds cool but I think I'll wait until flight capabilities and Mr. fusion come standard.


John said...

Hey, is that Huey, Dewey and/or Loui from Silent Running?

Yojimbo said...

Yep, it's Dewey. I took the picture at Robonexus, a robotics expo in san Jose. They had a display of full sized replicas of famous movie robots. in addition to Dewey there was c3po, Gort and Robbie the robot.