Friday, September 14, 2007

Dalek Halloween Pumpkin

Just in time for halloween it's the Great Pumpkin dalek!
If you want to build your own go to
for instructions. for more fun things you can do with pumpkins go here

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

R2S2 - The Steam Powered R2D2 Robot from Crabfu

R2 goes steampunk!

How to scar your child for life Part2

When told that they would not be allowed to name their child 4Real a New Zealand couple named him superman instead. that'll show em. Click on the title for the Telegraph's story.Years from now I can picture the follow conversation.

Kid 1 : So what's your name?
Kid 2: Superman
Kid 1 : for real?
Kid:2 naw' that's what they wanted to name me but the government wouldn't let them

My favorite part of the article is the list of real weird names mostly the kids of celeberties. AS if these kids don't have it tough already, they have to go through life as Kal-el or Apple.

Daleks invade Manchester!

Actually it was just a bunch of fans trying to set a world record. Click on the title for the full flicker set and links to news stories on this event.
Notice how most of the crowd is up a small flight of stairs from the Daleks. Obviously they haven't seen the last three seasons of Dr. Who! Extertminate! Exterminate!

How to scar your child for life

Are the thousands of baby name books on the market not enough for you? Then by all means click on the title and read all about the new "Sci-Fi" baby names book.
But if twenty years from now, after a childhood of nonstop ridicule, your child writes the country and western hit "A boy named Slartibartfast" don't say I didn't warn you.